2023 Marketing Trends

With the upcoming new year, new marketing trends will be emerging. As marketers, our role has become broader than ever. Marketing will have to be more inclusive and connected to real stories and consumer needs. Here are some of our forecasted industry trends for 2023.  Employee Engagement  While not exactly a marketing strategy, employee knowledge and communication with clients build

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New Canva Tools Are Coming Soon: Here’s What To Look Out For

Canva is a staple resource to create and develop graphics for social media, print media, and various other sources. Recently, Canva announced that they are releasing new tools that create new experiences for users and enhance collaboration and connectivity.  Canva Docs and Websites Later this year, Canva will be releasing Canva Docs:a real-time document feature. Canva Docs will allow users

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The Basics of Text Messaging Campaigns and How to Launch Your Own

Did you know that text messages have a substantially higher open rate than e-mail? Texting isn’t a new marketing initiative but there are still relatively few organizations doing it. Part of the reason is that text marketing – while very personal – can also be very risky. When an unprompted text comes in, it can really feel like an invasion

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Building a Crisis Communications Plan Before You Need It

What’s your definition of a crisis? If one of your key employees, clients, or close affiliates becomes implicated in a scandal. If your business suffers an unexpected emergency. If your business made a big, public mistake. If something tragic happens to one of your employees. Whatever the crisis is, as a business – and as a brand – you will
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Reputation Management During a Crisis: Expert Interview

The need for brands to be accessible 24/7 has created many opportunities for companies looking to connect with their customers or clients in a more meaningful way. Each year, we see new ways for brands to destroy themselves without even trying. When a crisis happens – and we all know it will – how are you prepared to deal with
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