Small and Mid-Size Businesses

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Helping Your Business Tell Its Story

Seventh Gear Communications was founded on the premise that every business has a compelling story … if only they knew how to tell it and which media to use. Small and mid-size businesses are often understaffed and the owner and managers wear multiple hats. Updated marketing and branding are easy to put off, and it’s often seen as a drain on revenue when the reality is quality marketing keeps customers coming in (whether virtually or in-person).  

We have worked with businesses on reorganizing and updating their website, creating a blog and a content strategy to go with it, promotional materials for events, social media management, adapting their marketing strategy to reach more of their favorite customers, and more.  

Even if sales are good and you’re not worried about top-line revenue, it’s never a bad time to consider upping your marketing game. When you want to launch a new product, get the word out about a new promotion, create a CRM database, or just experiment with a new marketing channel, we can help to guide you through your options.