Digital Marketing

In terms of digital adoption (and many other things), the last several months have been more about surviving and figuring it out on the fly than about strategy. At least half of marketing budgets were slashed and the remaining dollars were reallocated – mostly to digital. Moving forward, as marketing approaches shift and evolve, the role of digital marketing is a necessity to stay relevant and accessible.

Though digital marketing involves anything that’s published online, the one thing every medium has in common is content. We help organizations and their marketing departments make data-driven decisions about what to publish online, from audience targeting to message strategy.

Here’s where we can help your organization in its early to middle stages of digital transformation.


On-page SEO and Website Optimization
E-Mail Marketing
PPC and Google Ads

Digital Marketing Strategies

Goals, Objectives, and KPI
Target Audience
Content Plan
Channel Plan
Budget & Timeline

Tools & Resources

Content Creation Tools
Google Analytics
Marketing Automation Products