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2023 Marketing Trends

With the upcoming new year, new marketing trends will be emerging. As marketers, our role has become broader than ever. Marketing will have to be more inclusive and connected to real stories and consumer needs. Here are some of our forecasted industry trends for 2023.  Employee Engagement  While not exactly a marketing strategy, employee knowledge and communication with clients build

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Influencer Marketing in B2B Transactions: How Can It Help Your Brand?

Over the past few years, marketing has taken on a different persona. Influencer marketing has become one of the largest trends in the marketing world and is only growing. To understand how influencer marketing can benefit B2B firms, let`s first define what influencer marketing is, how it operates, and any pros and cons that come along with it.  What is

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Finding Your Target Audience on Social Media

Social media is all about connecting with your audience and growing your platform. Here are some easy tips to optimize your social media presence and keep your audience growing.  Find Your Audience`s Platform An essential part of creating content for social media is finding out where your audience is, and this has everything to do with demographics and tailoring your

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Developing a Social Media Strategy

Once you understand your audience and what type of content they want to engage with, you can begin to develop a social strategy. To do this, you must understand where social media lies on the buyer’s journey. The Buyer’s Journey Social media is typically at the beginning of the buyer’s journey. It has the biggest role when it comes to

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What’s a Social Media Audit?

Social media needs to be a key part of an organization's digital marketing strategy if it's not already. What that means is going above and beyond publishing new blog posts and actively contributing to the social conversation. Especially post-pandemic, social media has been one of the primary means of staying connected and relevant, after all. How can you tell if
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How to Create Better Content In 2021

It’s hard to find a content marketer who doesn’t know how to adapt to change. Flexibility comes with the territory. But even the savviest among us have been thrown for a loop by the COVID-19 pandemic. We are coming off of a crazy year, and it’s hard to predict changing consumer trends when we can’t even reliably say what next
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Explaining Section 230 and Its Importance for Online Content

This summer, a Presidential Executive Order targeted social media companies for what the White House considered to be online censorship of conservative views. Specifically, the Executive Order targeted Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act of 1996 and sought to remove general protections for social media companies if they are found to be suppressing free speech. There’s a whole lot

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Building a Crisis Communications Plan Before You Need It

What’s your definition of a crisis? If one of your key employees, clients, or close affiliates becomes implicated in a scandal. If your business suffers an unexpected emergency. If your business made a big, public mistake. If something tragic happens to one of your employees. Whatever the crisis is, as a business – and as a brand – you will
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