PR & Promotions

Is your business the best kept secret in your industry? Do you offer customers or clients something unique or better than the competitors? When it comes to differentiating yourself, it pays to be proactive. In business, perception is reality, and Promotions can help you shape peoples' opinions of your company.


Generally, there are two ways to do it: paid and organic promotions. Both have their place in the marketing mix. What works best usually depends on your goals and message. 

Paid promotions include advertising, sponsorship, and advertorials. We can write the ads, coordinate with graphic designers, negotiate media buy, and help you track the results. Whether traditional media or online, we'll work with you to determine your audience, purpose, goals, and messaging. 

Organic promotions, or public relations, are part of an overall public relations strategy. A well-thought out media relations plan can work well as part of a larger marketing strategy or on its own to build credibility for your business. We can assist with:

  • Writing press releases

  • Establishing media kits 

  • Developing materials and sourcing opportunities for CSR initiatives

  • Creating talking points as part of a larger marketing campaign

For full-scale PR strategy, media relations, and crisis communications, we work with an extended team of PR experts. 

Special Projects
  • Cross-promotional plan for existing content

  • Social ad campaign

  • Google AdWords or remarketing campaign

Practical Application

Unsure where to begin? When your current clients or customers keep telling you how they love doing business with you, ask them why. Turn those responses into testimonials for marketing content and use them to help identify the segments to promote.