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What to Include in Your 2019 Digital Marketing Strategy

What’s the best digital marketing strategy for 2019? That depends on your goals. Maybe your business is looking for new customers, higher sales numbers, or long-term, sustainable growth in other areas. We think it takes the right mix of strategies to have a successful marketing campaign.

Because the digital marketing landscape is constantly evolving, it’s a challenge to know what is essential and where to put your resources. Whatever your focus is this year, you can lean on these four handpicked best practices to generate leads and provide value to your current customers. Which one do you want to add to your toolbox?

Customer Feedback and Reviews

Client satisfaction is at the heart of any business. If someone is unhappy with a product or service, a survey gives you the opportunity to make it right. Likewise, if someone is thrilled with your company, this glowing feedback can become a testimonial that helps attract new customers.

Online reviews work in much the same way. Customers are in the habit of searching for other people’s opinions before making a purchase - AND prospects tend to trust online reviews just as much as a personal referral. So it should also become your habit to respond to both positive and negative comments. This boosts your reputation as a trustworthy business. We suggest saving the positive remarks and showcasing them on your website in a dedicated section to further build your brand.

Conversion Forms

Do you want to generate more leads from your website traffic? The idea is simple. You offer something like a free download in exchange for contact information. Keep it simple at first by asking for name email address. Then prospects can access the newsletter, how-to video, or whatever other content might be valuable. You've got a new lead, and they start to think of you as an expert in the field.

Blog Posts

Blogs have become one of the most trusted online sources and one of the most valuable tools for marketers. Besides increasing your search ranking, they give you a way to break industry news, highlight achievements, and provide solutions. Then you can share this high-quality material on your website and social media accounts.

Social Media

You probably have some sort of social media strategy in the works, but are you using the right platforms and messaging to connect with your customers? If you’re not sure, it might be time to conduct a social media audit. Once you find the best fit for your business, you can engage with customers on a whole new level. Remember that Facebook algorithms in particular keep changing, so what worked a year ago might not work now. It's more important than ever to use a mix of organic and paid content on social to make sure followers still see your posts.

Do you need more input before putting your marketing plan together? We can help you reach your customers and grow your business in the new year. Contact us for more information.

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