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LinkedIn Company Page Updates: November 2018

If you manage social media for your business and have a Company Page on LinkedIn, there are a few recent changes you should know about. These additions may seem small, but they can help you target your followers better and proactively increase engagement with anyone who visits your Company Page.

LinkedIn is famous for rolling out changes they don’t talk about. It’s common to log in to your LinkedIn account and see changes in how your news feed is displayed and updated or disabled features. We tend to manage clients’ social profiles from one dashboard, like HootSuite or CoSchedule, so we don’t log into individual platforms on a daily basis. When we did visit one of our company pages last week, this is what we saw.

Add a Button

You can now add and (slightly) customize a call-to-action button. The button appears right next to your logo at the top of the page. The button will default to ‘Visit Website’ with your main URL. There are four other call-to-action options. We recommend pairing your button text with a header image related to the call-to-action. For example, if someone at your company is presenting a webinar, or if you’re running a promotion.

Content Suggestions

This option is only visible to page managers. When you’re logged in, you’ll see a new menu option in your back-end pageview: Content Suggestions. LinkedIn will automatically add a few topics based on your page’s existing keywords and industry. You get to add more, plus you can add location and basic job titles.

What these search parameters will create is a stream of somewhat-custom content related to your audience. This is supposed to make sharing content to your Company Page easier. The available topics seem a bit limited, and the search results certainly aren’t perfect – you’ll still have to sort through the titles and probably do a quick scan of the material. But it can save you time curating the content on your own, and anything that makes the job of populating your Company Page is helpful.

Add a Tagline

Also by your company logo is a new way to further brand your business: an optional tagline. This is another way to reinforce your brand or highlight a timely promotion. It’s only 120 characters, so make the tagline field worth it. If you decide to use other text besides your actual company tagline, make sure to use relevant keywords, descriptive words, and visual verbs. Visual verbs help the reader envision the process, product, or service in action.

New for HootSuite

HootSuite is one of the most common social media management platforms. It is not known for being LinkedIn-friendly beyond the ability to schedule page posts. Especially after the platform disabled its LinkedIn analytics reports last year.

It seems like the folks at HootSuite are trying to make up for those downfalls, at least a little. They recently added a new feature where you can *finally* tag other LinkedIn users or companies within HootSuite. This was something that could only be done on LinkedIn, and even though it’s such a simple tool, it’s important.

To tag a company or user in your HootSuite LinkedIn post, simply add the @ like you would if you were on LinkedIn.

Other Ways to Maximize Your LinkedIn Company Page

There are plenty of other ways to utilize your LinkedIn Company Page that already exist. Things like:

  • Header image

  • Header images can be another way to use company branding to your advantage. We like to see companies rotate the header image when there’s something new to promote – and there almost always is, whether it’s driving traffic to an existing blog or highlighting an industry vertical. Header images have a recommended dimension of 1,536 x 768 pixels.

  • Featured groups

  • Adding a featured group to your Company Page has a few benefits: offer a quick resource to people who visit your Company Page, cross-promote your content if you own the group, and reinforce your core knowledge areas. One page admin (if there is more than one) must be a member of a group to feature it in the Company Page.

  • Showcase pages

  • LinkedIn did away with service pages a few years back, but in the last year or two they attempted to make up for it with the addition of showcase pages. Showcase pages serve the same purpose and are a way to highlight new services or featured products.

  • Sponsored updates

  • For a relatively low cost, you can promote any of your Company Page’s posts and reach a wider network.

  • Videos

  • Like Facebook, consider utilizing video posts in your Company Page updates to drive increased engagement among your followers.

  • Segment posts

  • Once you hit a certain number of page followers, LinkedIn gives you the option to segment your posts to different audience demographics.


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