Online Marketing

If you're reading this, stop. Open a new browser window, and type your and/or your company's name into the search box. 

What comes up in the search results? Are you happy with what you find? 

The way buyers source information and make purchasing decisions has changed. Most people do research online before making a big purchase, and that includes everything from online reviews, competitor analysis, your website, and social media. By the time potential customers look at your website and social media accounts, they're well on their way to making a decision. You can help prospects along on that journey, or you can hope for the best. 

If you want to help them find you, we can help you do the following:

  • Create and maintain corporate social media accounts

    • Write individual LinkedIn profiles

  • Create or update websites and blogs 

  • Manage online reviews

  • Write and schedule social media posts

  • Write, schedule, and monitor online ads, including social ads and promoted content, Google AdWords, Google remarketing, and individual site banner ads

Special Projects
  • LinkedIn training 

  • LinkedIn sales campaign

  • Social media policy

When it comes to building complex websites, blogs, or scheduling mass media buys, we work closely with a trusted team of partners. Or, we'd be happy to coordinate with your contacts.

Practical Application

If you want to outsource management of your corporate social media accounts, create one from scratch without the headaches, explore online advertising, be more active on the corporate blog, or learn how to use LinkedIn better, give us a call. 

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