Corporate Events

When you think of corporate events, what comes to mind? Images of forced small talk, awkward networking, subpar hors d'oeuvres, and no tangible benefit? Even if you don't enjoy going to professional events, they serve several important purposes: Improving client/customer relations, promoting products or services, supporting public relations, and increasing employee morale.

We might not be able to help you with small talk, but we can plan an event for your company that your clients, customers, and employees would enjoy going to. Our team has executed events ranging from 15 attendees to more than 350. The scope of event planning is up to you; we can assist you with everything from finding a location, managing the invite list, working with vendors, event communications, on-site management, and more. Whether your goal is a straightforward business workshop or a lavish celebration, we're here for you.  

We can work independently or with your administrative team to plan:

  • Seminars and workshops 

  • Themed cocktail parties 

  • Awards or celebratory events for up to 500 people

  • Employee recognition or team-building events

  • Holiday parties

Seventh Gear Communications has experience dealing with continuing education and compliance regulations for legal, accounting, and wealth management firms. 

Practical Application

Here are some ideas to get you started: Tour local breweries or distilleries for a twist on the traditional networking event. Recognize employee contributions with an awards ceremony or family outing. Reconnect with stakeholders by celebrating a milestone anniversary. Announce a new product or service with a launch party. The options can be endless.