Influencer Marketing in B2B Transactions: How Can It Help Your Brand?

Over the past few years, marketing has taken on a different persona. Influencer marketing has become one of the largest trends in the marketing world and is only growing. To understand how influencer marketing can benefit B2B firms, let`s first define what influencer marketing is, how it operates, and any pros and cons that come along with it.  What is

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How to Create Better Content In 2021

It’s hard to find a content marketer who doesn’t know how to adapt to change. Flexibility comes with the territory. But even the savviest among us have been thrown for a loop by the COVID-19 pandemic. We are coming off of a crazy year, and it’s hard to predict changing consumer trends when we can’t even reliably say what next
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Why Branding Should Be a Priority In 2021

2020 has been a challenging and unusual year. It’s been the year of layoffs, budget cuts, closed doors … and pivots. Businesses scrambled to adapt to unforeseen circumstances, marketing departments dealt with slashed budgets (even though there’s proof that cutting marketing during a recession is a very bad idea), and brand strategies were bumped to second place in favor of

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The New .CPA Domain For Accounting Firms

What would your CPA firm do to stand out online? Maybe increase your social media presence, up your online advertising budget, or focus your website on quality content? Check, check, and check. How about a new domain? Starting July 1, 2020 CPA firms could apply for a new .cpa web domain through the AICPA and ICANN, the organization that coordinates
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