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New Canva Tools Are Coming Soon: Here’s What To Look Out For

Canva is a staple resource to create and develop graphics for social media, print media, and various other sources. Recently, Canva announced that they are releasing new tools that create new experiences for users and enhance collaboration and connectivity.  Canva Docs and Websites Later this year, Canva will be releasing Canva Docs:a real-time document feature. Canva Docs will allow users

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Why Should Marketers Pay Attention to Cybersecurity?

In our digital world, cybersecurity has become at the forefront of keeping our information safe and protected from hacks and leaks. As marketers, we may ask what does cybersecurity have to do with our careers? While a direct connection between cybersecurity and marketing may not come to mind, marketing departments can and often do pose as the largest targets for

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AI In Marketing: Benefits and How to Use It

AI, or artificial intelligence, is the imitation of human thought and intelligence by machines and computer systems. Its abilities can range from language processing to speech, and even vision.  AI operates through specialized hardware and software that feeds the bot large quantities of information. Then, the information is categorized and analyzed for patterns that allow the bot to make predictions

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Top 8 Hootsuite Hacks

Our preferred platform when it comes to managing multiple social media accounts is Hootsuite. The interface is pretty easy to use and understand, it’s affordable, has multiple plug-ins available, and its analytics feature is fairly robust as third-party analytics goes. Its free version is decent, too. Hootsuite has been a huge timesaver for me and my clients and allows us

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