Taylor Broz


2023 Marketing Trends

With the upcoming new year, new marketing trends will be emerging. As marketers, our role has become broader than ever. Marketing will have to be more inclusive and connected to real stories and consumer needs. Here are some of our forecasted industry trends for 2023.  Employee Engagement  While not exactly a marketing strategy, employee knowledge and communication with clients build

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How to Achieve High SERP Rankings

Achieving a high result on a search engine result page, also called SERP, is a significant key in driving traffic to your site and building brand awareness. This all starts with effective SEO, the most accurate information as possible about your organization, and taking advantage of a few features Google and other search engines have to offer.  Improve Your Local

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Influencer Marketing in B2B Transactions: How Can It Help Your Brand?

Over the past few years, marketing has taken on a different persona. Influencer marketing has become one of the largest trends in the marketing world and is only growing. To understand how influencer marketing can benefit B2B firms, let`s first define what influencer marketing is, how it operates, and any pros and cons that come along with it.  What is

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New Canva Tools Are Coming Soon: Here’s What To Look Out For

Canva is a staple resource to create and develop graphics for social media, print media, and various other sources. Recently, Canva announced that they are releasing new tools that create new experiences for users and enhance collaboration and connectivity.  Canva Docs and Websites Later this year, Canva will be releasing Canva Docs:a real-time document feature. Canva Docs will allow users

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Why Should Marketers Pay Attention to Cybersecurity?

In our digital world, cybersecurity has become at the forefront of keeping our information safe and protected from hacks and leaks. As marketers, we may ask what does cybersecurity have to do with our careers? While a direct connection between cybersecurity and marketing may not come to mind, marketing departments can and often do pose as the largest targets for

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Finding Your Target Audience on Social Media

Social media is all about connecting with your audience and growing your platform. Here are some easy tips to optimize your social media presence and keep your audience growing.  Find Your Audience`s Platform An essential part of creating content for social media is finding out where your audience is, and this has everything to do with demographics and tailoring your

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