Seventh Gear Communications LLC is an integrated marketing consulting company based in Pittsburgh, PA. Formed in 2017, Seventh Gear focuses on helping small businesses create and refine their marketing and communications. Whether the goal is to:

  • Attract more customers or clients,

  • Create or update branding,

  • Expand existing marketing efforts,

  • Manage online marketing, or 

  • Leverage in-house marketing staff --

Seventh Gear can help your business meet its marketing and communications goals.  

What Makes Us Different?

The goal of any marketing campaign or project is to communicate with your audience in a way that resonates with them and motivates them to do something. Where many businesses fall short is how and what they communicate. Is the language too technical? Are the details really relevant? Is the tone and style appropriate?


Does your reader care?


Is your message even reaching them at all?


Communications strategy is the difference between a zero percent engagement rate and a viral post.


Even if it's an advertisement or web page with minimal text, what you say and where you say it matters. This is where Seventh Gear stands out. Our approach to communications is a combination of research, argument strategy, audience analysis, and impeccable attention to detail. We love grammar and sentence structure as much as we love marketing plans, and we integrate the two seamlessly. 

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Who We Are

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Julia E. Germeyer

Founder & Owner

Julia founded Seventh Gear Communications after a decade of leading in-house marketing initiatives. Her experience includes marketing planning, professional writing, corporate communications, social media for business, advertising and public relations, business development, and events. She won numerous local and national awards for marketing, sales, and communications projects.


She earned her B.A. in Communications and certification in Public & Professional Writing from the University of Pittsburgh. In 2014, Julia graduated near the top of her class from Point Park University's MBA program. She also teaches professional writing at the University of Pittsburgh and is a Contributing Writer for the Pittsburgh Moms Blog.

Julia believes in continually learning, the power of mentors and good management, and the possibilities of an open mind. She is an advocate for shelter pets, music education, and women in business.